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New Server, Same Site, MEGA Redundancy

Well, I moved the site over to new servers last night. That’s normally not too exciting but seeing that it’s running on top of all the insanely powerful hardware used in my big project, it is.

By running my site on this setup:

  • I am protected from ANY hardware failure with seamless and automatic fail over to the backup hardware
  • all my files are mirrored to fail over storage AND backed up to a 3rd location. If one fails the 2nd takes over instantly
  • all network routes have 2 or more paths (as many as 8 in some parts of the setup)
  • all storage is served by a crazy fast, completely private back-end network.
  • all links are 1Gbps or FASTER

What I’m trying to say is, outside of a direct meteorite strike on the physical rack this setup is in, this site or any others on the system should NEVER be down.  My boss even moved one of his personal sites to the system because of it’s robustness.

The biggest advantage for “normal” people is that you can have all of the benefits of an infrastructure that would costs many tens of thousands of dollars for around $0.82 per day.  If you run a business or any website that needs to be up 100% of the time and have the peace of mind that all of your data is 3x redundant as well as ready for instant, seamless fail-over, this type of hosting is for you.  Honestly, if you are running any business that doesn’t require the resources of a dedicated server it would be stupid not to move over to a system like this.  The benefit to cost ratio is just unreal.  All of that plus the fact that the network storage back-end makes your sites load WAY faster than straight disk-based hosting accounts, you just can’t beat it.

If you want to check it out, click the little link on the right side that says “Redundant Hosting Has Arrived”.

Sure this is shameless self promotion but the product is solid and I wouldn’t tell you to get an account unless I believed in it 100%.  My job literally depends on it!

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