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Blast Your Friends!

As the web fills up with more and more useless crap its becoming harder to sort through it all.  Every once in a while you come across a little diamond-in-the-rough and the other day I found one.  It’s quite possibly the new “bored at work” phenomenon. What is it?  In short, you call people […]

Growl, Snarl, Mumbles…

At home I use Linux and Windows, at work I use a Mac.  I enjoy aspects of all three OS’s but for a while Mac’s have had a killer app that was not available on any other OS.  This applications biggest asset was what it didn’t do — Get in the way! The app is […]

Time Machine

Image courtsey of CERN You could be looking at the worlds first time machine.  Click on the picutre to find out more.  The image alone blows my mind.

Just Stumblin’ Around

I remembered how infrequently I click the “Stumble!” button in my toolbar so today I decided to give it a few clicks. The first few stumbles were big losers but I persisted; I knew that eventually I would hit pay-dirt. In a twist of irony I came across (I don’t drink). The site has […]

So Many Distro’s, So Little Time

If you are new to Linux or even someone who has been using it for a while you may have wondered what the difference is between the various – not to mention numerous – Linux distributions that are available. There are literally hundreds of different distributions you can chose from. If you want to explore […]

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