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ChromeOS and the Cr-48

I was lucky enough to be included in the Cr-48 Pilot program.  I really dig beta testing and seeing where the future of technology may be going.  I’m a little late in the game writing up a review of the Cr-48, as any Google search will show, but I seem to feel a bit differently […]

1Password vs. LastPass

1Password compared to LastPass. Two major password managers reviewed.

Apparently I’m Going to Be Killed

I got this e-mail today. I have to say, I was like nothing I have ever received before.  A quick Google search reports that TimothyStuff and the phone number listed have hit a few other inbox’s today as well.  Bring it on Timothy!! Subject: Hi Jeremy Buy Heroin, cocaine and other shit from timothystuff I […]

Blast Your Friends!

As the web fills up with more and more useless crap its becoming harder to sort through it all.  Every once in a while you come across a little diamond-in-the-rough and the other day I found one.  It’s quite possibly the new “bored at work” phenomenon. What is it?  In short, you call people […]

Growl, Snarl, Mumbles…

At home I use Linux and Windows, at work I use a Mac.  I enjoy aspects of all three OS’s but for a while Mac’s have had a killer app that was not available on any other OS.  This applications biggest asset was what it didn’t do — Get in the way! The app is […]

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