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1Password vs. LastPass

1Password compared to LastPass. Two major password managers reviewed.

Use SMTP Authentication for XenServer Notifications

Setup SMTP Authentication to send notification e-mails for your XenServer pool.

Really? (I Forgot Windows Sucked This Bad)

I haven’t used Windows as a primary desktop for about 2 years now.  I use Ubuntu for my home system and laptop, and CentOS on my file/web server.  I keep Windows on a spare hard-drive for 2 primary reasons.. 1. My son loves to play Guitar Hero III (I know, I know, “Frets on Fire”, […]

Growl, Snarl, Mumbles…

At home I use Linux and Windows, at work I use a Mac.  I enjoy aspects of all three OS’s but for a while Mac’s have had a killer app that was not available on any other OS.  This applications biggest asset was what it didn’t do — Get in the way! The app is […]

How To Contact Tech Support (and avoid frustration)

This post is for anyone that ever submits a help ticket to technical support (web hosting specifically in this case) then gets mad when you get a “default” reply that asks you for more information. Let me start by saying that there are default replies for a reason.  Certain information, as trivial as it may […]

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